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Italian Taste Project - Repository

Italian Taste Project - Repository

This repository collects scientific literature correlated to the main issues investigated by  the “Italian Taste Project”.

The project is aimed to explore individual differences in food preference, familiarity, choice, among Italians.  A large scale experiment has been set up to investigate the impact of individual differences in physiological and psychological indices on food liking and preferences,to create a dataset on the influence of physiological and psychological indices on food liking, preference and food behavior.

The repository is planned for collecting and sharing scientific literature and documents regarding:

Taste sensitivity

Psychological traits and Attitudes

Food choice & Eating behavior

Hedonic and Sensory responses



Rules and Info concerning access and consultation


The access is restricted to Italian Taste Project members. For information about the Project and/or questions about the site, please contact the site administrator.

IT-TASTE Project

The site of the project is now online.

IT-TASTE Procedures

The new release of the IT-TASTE procedures is available (Vers.6 - 28 June 2016). FAQ also available.

Link to the procedures